Metro Manila’s Newest and Most Delectable Museum: THE DESSERT MUSEUM

Location: Units 124, 126 and 127a, Coral Way, S. Maison Mall (located below Conrad Hotel Manila, near Starbucks S Maison), Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Hello, dearest Filipino Seniors! Admit it, you miss your grandchildren, right? Are you thinking of a new place to bond with them? A place that they will surely enjoy — complete with unlimited Instagram-able picture-taking opportunities — and, one that will satisfy their sweet tooth too? Well, I have a suggestion for you and it is in the Mall of Asia1 (MoA) Complex: THE DESSERT MUSEUM!

0-map-cite source-pk                 Location Map. The Dessert Museum (from

The Dessert Museum is a 12,000 sq. ft. venue of different desserts, consisting of 8 mouthwatering and colorful rooms of sugar-filled happiness (in order of entry): the Raining Donuts Room, the Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows, the Candy Cane Groves, the Ice Cream Room, the Room of Never-Ending Bubbles (or Bubblegum Room), the Gummy Bear Room, the Cotton Candy Forest, and the Cake Pops Carnival. This is the only museum you’ll ever (literally) slide into!2 I wish I used the slide, but I was the designated photo- and video-grapher!

This museum opened on February 10, 2018.2 The tour takes about two hours, depending on how long the kids want to enjoy each room, sample the goodies, and pose non-stop for pictures to be posted in various social media apps. However, you are advised to stay in each room for a maximum of 15 minutes and to go through the museum once, and only move forward.2

This museum is open from 10 am till 10 pm. Take note, last tickets are sold by 8 pm.2 It is recommended for all ages who enjoy taking selfies and group photos. It is for kids and the kids-at-heart, and is a great family-bonding venue, especially for those with young kids and IG-savvy teenagers! If you have a PWD in your group, good news! The venue is wheelchair-accessible! Sorry, though, no pets are allowed.

For Seniors who are pre-diabetics or diabetics, you can still go as long as you do not partake of the complimentary sweets – just pose with your grandchildren, claim your share of the sweets, and give them to your grandchildren! What the heck! This is a new and exciting venue for solo, group, and whole family picture-taking! Just think of the smiles and laughter of your grandchildren – so precious!

This museum is located within the MoA1 complex so you can easily opt to eat before, or after, your tour.0-facade

There are more than 200 restaurants in the said complex to choose from!2

The (walk-in) entrance fee is PHP799 (for ages 2-yo onwards), which some might consider pricey, so do not forget your Senior Citizen/PWD cards.

For a hassle-free and cheaper option, I recommend you go online, at least one day before your intended visit, to either:

(1), and pay only PHP699 per person – you can pay via (a) PayPal or credit card (using PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account and you do not need to sign up) or, (b) Dragonpay, which allows BPI, BDO (online banking and over the counter), LBC, and Cebuana; or,

(2) Metrodeal or Klook, and avail of a 25% discount (then pay only PHP599).

Kids below 2-yo are free to enter but are not entitled to a wristband (see 6 paragraphs below), ergo, they will not be given complimentary sweets.

If your group consists of 10 or more members, email:

What’s that I hear that you do not know the location of MoA2? No worries, use WAZE/UBER: and look for “Starbucks Reserve, Conrad Hotel Manila”.2

If possible, go on weekdays since weekends and holidays could be crowded. We went early on a Saturday and there were only a few people with us on the second batch of the day. More groups arrived thereafter.

0-entrance-okThe view upon entry (the registration desk is to the left); stools to sit on to wait for your group to enter; a fairy gives a brief welcome; the fairy leaves and your group goes up the same stairs where she stood, all pass through the large pink doughnut; and, a difficult choice comes next: will you slide your way to the Doughnut Room or do you use the yellow steps? Your choice … regardless, your sweet adventure begins! Enjoy!

It is not so cold in the rooms so be sure to wear light cottony, sporty clothes and comfortable footwear. Go to the rest room before the two-hour tour to be sure you will not be inconvenienced therein (remember, you cannot re-enter). Just to be on the safe side, people with allergic rhinitis, should take an antihistamine tablet beforehand.

Do not make kids wear any expensive jewelry or other accessories that might hinder their enjoyment of each room. I suggest non-slippery footwear for kids to avoid accidents, but these should be easily removable to enjoy the ball pit in the Ice Cream Room, for example, and worn again to proceed to the next rooms.

Fully charge your cellphones and power banks for lots of photos and videos! The use of photoshoot equipment like tripods, lighting materials and props are strictly prohibited unless your group will avail of the museum’s photo shoot package (see end of this post).2

Do not forget to bring water since you will definitely need it after tasting each complimentary sweet. Water is for sale but is a bit pricey at PHP50 per regular-sized bottle.

Visitors are asked to sign a waiver form (sorry, I cannot say anything about this since a niece of mine registered for us). Do inform the staff if any person in your group has an allergy to eggs, fruits, milk, peanuts, soy, tree-nuts, wheat, etc.

Assign a person in your group to keep an eye on gadgets and other valuables while the kids are playing in each room.

Bring Wet Ones to clean the hands of the kids before and after they eat the sweets in each room, after touching the different parts of, or decorations in, each room, and to wipe away bits of sweets on their faces. Instruct the older kids to dispose of garbage in designated trash cans.

The museum provides lockers for rent to secure your large bags and keep baby carriages/strollers safe during your 2-hour tour. I paid PHP150 to secure a backpack and a stroller.0-lockers-ok

There are tours every 10 to 15 minutes, starting at 10:15 am. I suggest you come early so your group will have more time to pose for as many photos, and for as long, as you want, and need not wait too long for your turn to pose in front of certain backgrounds – there are just so many to choose from!

For those who booked online, be there about 15 minutes before your reserved time slot. If you arrive late, you could be subjected to a rebooking fee per person (PHP50 per person, 3 days prior to arrival; PHP200, 4 days prior to arrival), or lose your slot for the day. For unused tickets, email to change dates, depending on availability, subject to PHP200 rebooking fee. However, slots or tickets that remain unused after 7 days from the booked date will be forfeited. All tickets are non-refundable.2

Each visitor is given a pink rubber wristband which you will need to present for electronic scanning to avail of a complimentary sweet in 5 to 7, out of the 8, rooms.0-wristband

I would like to caution you, dear visitors, be sure to secure the wristbands of the kids since it easily gets loose and might get lost during the tour. The wristbands need to be surrendered to a security guard at the end of the tour and each lost wristband will cost you PHP300.0-exit

In our group, my husband collected the wristbands of all the kids and the yayas3 and presented these to the staff per room for scanning to claim the complimentary sweets. The kids, attended by the yayas3, freely enjoyed the swing, slide, seesaw, giant gumball machine, trampoline, plastic ball pit, etc., without worrying about the wristbands.

The tour starts with a female staff, dressed like a fairy, who orients the visitors about the museum and briefly gives reminders regarding safety.0-fairy

All rooms are appropriately decorated and painted based on the theme, generally clean, attractive to all millennials, and definitely Instagram-able! Do not forget to add: #TheDessertMuseum in your pictures.2

The staff are generally accommodating and polite, and wear colorful costumes.

Read the amazing fun facts about each dessert on the wall with your grandchildren, especially those who have just started reading. This will make the tour more meaningful and unforgettable, and certainly a memorable learning experience for the kids!

An official in-house photographer can take your pictures so everyone in your group will be included in your pictures. I was in a hurry to leave the room so I just took this candid picture of a pair being photographed at the Candy Cane Groves Room.Z-photographer-ok

Then, you can have these pictures printed at the end of the tour while you go over the sweets and souvenir items sold at the dessert shop. Sorry, I did not check the prices of items for sale in the shop.0-store-collage-ok

Here are the photo packages:0-photo-packages

Before you leave each room, proceed to the dessert counter therein, have your pink wristband scanned, and enjoy the complimentary sweet!

Most of the time you have no choice as to the complimentary item but in a couple of rooms, you could be asked to choose: like in the Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows, you will be given a giant white marshmallow on a stick, and asked to choose the flavor of the coating; and in the Ice Cream Room, my favorite, you will be asked to choose the flavor of your popsicle.

Take more pictures while savoring the sweets! I told you, non-stop picture-taking!

Here is a brief description per room:

The first room is called the Raining Donuts Room. Its walls are painted pale yellow, and decorated with small doughnuts in different colors and designs. The main feature of this room is the part with lots of huge pink doughnuts hanging from the ceiling. However, be aware that these hanging doughnuts are made from a hard material so be sure to protect the heads of the smaller kids. But I assure you, the pictures are very IG-able in this room, along with the 7 other rooms. Sorry, but we did not like the give-away in this room.


The Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows is the next room. The walls are painted blue, and the room is filled with white marshmallows strung from the ceiling. Take wonderful photos again in this room! Visitors, upon scanning their wristbands, are given a giant white marshmallow on a stick, in a small white paper cup, and asked if they want Snowy Vanilla or Choco Loco coating with it, straight from the chocolate fondue fountains. Most of the kids chose, and enjoyed, the Choco Loco coating. I gave away my share.


The room called Candy Cane Groves comes next. It is very colorful and offers a seesaw and swing, along with lots of multi-colored candy cane decorations and IG-spots! Get lots of photos and videos here too! The kids enjoyed the complimentary candy canes, resulting in them getting colored tongues! I gave away my share in this room too.


The Ice Cream Room is a favorite of mine. Photos and videos are very picturesque, what with the combination of the multi-colored ball pit and the colorful air balloons. Personally, this room offers the best complimentary dessert: a choice of Frozen Avocado Cream or Mango Madness popsicles. I enjoyed the first one, but the latter is also good, according to my other group members.

0-4-ice cram room

The kids, and kids-at-heart, will enjoy the Room of Never-Ending Bubbles, or Bubblegum Room, which features a giant gumball machine with balloons of different colors being blown all over the inflated structure while about 8 people are allowed inside. Do not hesitate to take pictures and videos of the members of your family/group enjoying their two-minute stay inside that “machine”. I cannot recall any giveaway in this room.


The Gummy Bear Room is also very colorful. It offers a wall with 4 giant blue inflated gummy bears where your family/group can take beautiful and wacky pictures. I also enjoyed posing in one (of the three) colored bathtubs full of gummy bears and balls, surrounded by balloons in different colors. Sorry, I did not like the giveaway in this room because it had nothing to do with gummy bears!


The next room is the very attractive and picture-perfect Cotton Candy Forest, with predominantly pink cotton candy-like decorations. Everyone will surely enjoy the giveaway cotton candy!


The Cake Pops Carnival Room is the last room of the museum, leading to the last stop, the Souvenir Shop. Your family/group can stand or sit on the giant cake pops and create beautiful pictures and videos with different poses per member. The room also offers basketball, with 3 hoops, using soft-rag balls. Two sides of the room have arches of various colors for one last time of picture-taking!


Contact details -Website:; Telephone Numbers: (02) 838-7927; Cellphone Numbers: 0917-3005966 and 0999-2245687; Email –

Interested groups should inquire about their birthday promo, party package, teambuilding promo, private event package, and photo shoot package.

0-party packages                                        party packages, The Dessert Museum


This is not a sponsored post. All comments are personal and based on my only experience.

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For the benefit of foreign readers:

1The SM Mall of Asia (MoA) is a shopping mall in Bay City, Pasay, in Metro Manila, Philippines, currently the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 12th largest in the world. It opened on May 21, 2006, and is located near the Manila Bay, SM Central Business Park, and the southern end of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA). It is owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall owner and developer in the Philippines. The complex covers 42 hectares of land area, a gross floor area of about 406,962 sq.m., with more than 600 shops, including 217 dining establishments which attract about 200,000 people daily, according to the Wikipedia page “SM Mall of Asia”.4

3A “yaya” is the Tagalog term for nursemaid, wet nurse, or a female household staff who takes care of a kid, usually one per kid.

4”SM Mall of Asia,” accessed September 3, 2018,