About Tita S Travels: A Senior Citizen’s Journey

Welcome to TITA S TRAVELS, a senior citizen-friendly travel blog! For foreigners, “tita” means “auntie/aunt” in Filipino, a term of endearment of the younger members of my family and younger friends. S is short for “Sylvia”, my first name.

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This blog serves as my virtual diary of travels, food trips and just being a sentimental senior citizen (SC) to satisfy my insatiable passion for writing and adventure. In the process, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to share my escapades as well as other vital travel-related topics with other SCs (senior citizen) and soon-to-be SCs.

SCapades” is the section of this blog which will feature my travel trips, both domestic and international.

The “Spotted Must Eats!” section of this blog is for my food trips whether I’m craving for some healthy eats or I just feel like going on a cheat meal! Cheat Days! will feature my indulgence in various food establishments. However, whenever possible, my dearest Nutritionist-Dietitian friend, Dr. Adele, well-known and respected in her field, will join me so SCs with dietary restrictions can be advised what to enjoy when dining out under “Healthy Options!” You can call us the SENIOR FOODIE DUO. “Pinoy Delights!” posts will showcase: my visits to Filipino-themed restaurants, the Filipino specialties per town/city, as well as seasonal local goodies and manufactured delights.

The “Sentimental” section consists of places I went to while growing up and are still existing till the present. Revisiting such places will surely bring back happy memories of my childhood and single life. I am so sure many Baby Boomers can relate to this sentimental journey. too!

The “Smart Senior” section will feature assorted travel and food tips/information which would be useful to fellow SCs. The SAY, SAY, SAY!* Section tackles current issues and concerns of the travel/tourism industry which affect the traveling public, and of course, this includes Senior Citizen travelers. I want SCs to be part of the discussion. “Foreign Seniors Ask” posts will briefly describe Philippine travel/tourism terms and information which foreign travelers need to know before visiting the country. “Short and Simple” posts will include general travel/tourism terms which I would like to describe/explain to travelers, especially SCs.

I opted to feature footnotes, if need be, to describe terms which I think would be helpful to viewers who might not be familiar with such terms or would like to know more about them without leaving my post/website. Don’t you sometimes feel helpless when you need to exit a blog to know more about terms used? Well, no worries, just go see my footnotes! I hope you will appreciate this special feature of my blog.

As Tita S, I want to continue visiting various destinations and hospitality establishments, and not regret having done so when I can no longer be able to enjoy such pleasures in life. I want to tick off, one by one, my bucket list till I can no longer remember such a list! Funny now but a sad fact of life.

The wanderer in me still yearns to wake up and welcome each new day in a different place waiting to be explored, to discover its beauty, interact with people from a different culture and savor delicious food and complementary beverages/concoctions. Even Seneca said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

The world offers so much beauty in various cultures as well as God-given and man-made destinations … so many to visit in one’s lifetime, to experience and to appreciate such treasures! Thus, I hope to inspire other SCs to do the same, hopefully guided by the features in this blog.

So what are you waiting for? Join me in my travels!

I would also love to hear from you, SCs! Write your comments below – destinations, hospitality establishments, other travel concerns, etc.

Here is my contact information:

Email: TitaSTravels17@gmail.com

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*Seniors, can you recall where I got: SAY, SAY, SAY? This is the title of a certified gold-hit song written and performed by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, released in 1983, and considered one of the top 50 biggest hit-of-all-time by the Billboard Hot 100 charts! Go to YouTube if you want to listen to this song …



About Tita S, The Senior Blogger

I am Sylvia Silvestre-Ama, a retired hospitality management educator and school administrator of various tertiary educational institutions (never mind how many decades LOL). I am now based in Laguna, a province in the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.

Family members and friends who are younger than I am call me Tita S. For those who are not familiar with the word “Tita”, it is a Filipino endearment for “aunt”.

I obtained Ed.D., Masters in Business Administration and BS Hotel and Restaurant Administration degrees, have co-authored several hospitality-related books/manuals, and was affiliated with various hospitality/education-related professional organizations. I was opening General Manager of a hotel-school of a university and briefly co-owned a coffee shop on the side.

Through the years, I enjoyed traveling domestically and abroad with my parents, husband, family and friends and desire to continue doing so at this senior stage of my life, God willing.

I still take care of my 95-year old mother and even cook for my family so I plan to concentrate on domestic trips but will travel overseas as well. So, when I do not have any posts, it means I am taking care of Mommy, ok? But no worries, dearest Seniors, rest assured that I will make up for my “silence” and post thereafter.

Based on the latest* official count of 7,641 islands, assuming that I can travel once a week, I have calculated that I can only visit 48 islands per year and it will take me a little over 159 years to visit all the islands. However, if I travel once a month, I can only visit 12 islands per month and it will take me more than 636 years to do so! Gosh, I hope my calculations are right, that is why I didn’t pursue BS Math (LOL)! Well then, it seems that I will be busy going around!

I am proud to be a Filipino and will feature our local culture and delicacies in my adventures as well.

So, see you during my travels, or better still, follow this blog (simply click the “follow” bar at the bottom right corner of your screen), dearest Seniors, soon-to-be-Seniors, and curious wanderers in the web, the universe, I mean, the world (for now, as far as technology will allow)! Who knows, I might be a senior-space traveler in the near future! LOL

PS: I just started using Instagram so you can also follow me there: titastravels

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

*Speech of DENR Secretary Ramon Paje at the First Philippine Environment Summit at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, February 10, 2016.






One thought on “About Tita S Travels: A Senior Citizen’s Journey

  1. Hi Tita S! I love that you put footnotes in your posts. That is so thoughtful of you to do for your readers. It goes to show how matiyaga you are 🙂


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