Location: Ground Floor, Uptown Mall, 36th Street corner 9th Avenue, Uptown Bonifacio Complex, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I was shopping with my husband and 3 relatives early evening in Uptown Mall at the Uptown Bonifacio complex in the northern part of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) when we all decided to eat dim sum in Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan is a Chinese dim sum restaurant chain, established on March 2009 by Mak Kwai-Pui, located in Mongkok, Hong Kong. It is the first and only Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant in the world and has been in the Philippine since 2014!

Z-2-facadeTim Ho Wan Uptown Mall facade

It currently has 45 locations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the USA and Vietnam. It is called “the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant” since it earned one-star in the 2010 Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide, then 3 other locations also received one Michelin star in 2015.


Z-3-outdoor-adsTim Ho Wan Uptown Mall outdoor advertising

This Uptown Mall branch was almost full but we found a table. The dining area had a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The glass wall overlooking the exterior showed a beautiful water-and-light-show and we enjoyed it while waiting for our orders. A young juggler/mime was also within the area showing his various tricks which enthralled the kids passing by and those inside this restaurant.

Tim Ho Wan has a typical Cantonese dim sum menu to satisfy your palate, dear Senior Citizens (SCs). It claims to have the same menu as its original Hong Kong outlet. It offers small, individual portions, just right for one person or for sharing (for us, Seniors).

Z-4-order checklistTim Ho Wan order checklist

The table has an order checklist and ballpen, so we indicated the items and quantities we wanted, and handed them over to a waitress who clarified our orders just to be sure that what we wanted would be served. I asked for the waiting time and it was met.

Z-5-placematTim Ho Wan placemat

For the budget-conscious SCs, just don’t be carried away with your orders. The price range per dim sum order is 120-200 pesos and drinks are 50-60 pesos each. For a quick look at the dim sum selection, first time SC-customers, look at the paper placemat menu which is complete with colored pictures of each item and corresponding prices.

For Seniors like us, I recommend sharing an order with another person so you can try different items in one visit. It is very easy to re-order once you want more of a particular item. For noodles, ask for an extra bowl. If you have difficulty using chopsticks, ask for a fork and spoon. Remember, orders are all served hot and best enjoyed hot, so dig in once they are served. Just blow at little before you put a biteful in your mouth to be sure LOL!

Tim-Ho-Wan-Baked-Bun-BBQ-Pork             Baked Bun with BBQ Pork                           The poor bun after I compress & bite it

Of course, on top of our list of dim sum orders is the Michelin-recognized BAKED BUN WITH BBQ PORK (3 pcs. for 145 pesos). It was delicious indeed! The bun was crusty and the pork barbecue filling was delightfully savory. For seniors who prefer it spicy, I suggest you bite into the bun then add some chili sauce to the filling inside, or add a little sauce for each bite you take.

Z-8-wasabi-dumplingWasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling

The WASABI SALAD PRAWN DUMPLING (3 pcs. for 140 pesos) is a very good choice for those who like the taste of wasabi. It’s like enjoying a deep-fried prawn dumpling with just the right amount of kick from the wasabi-Japanese mayo topping.

Tim-Ho-Wan-Vermicelli-Pork-Rib-Spare-RibsVermicelli Roll with Shrimp   Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce     Spare Ribs Rice

We also enjoyed the flavorful VERMICELLI ROLL WITH SHRIMP (3 pcs. for 190 pesos), PORK RIB WITH BLACK BEAN SAUCE (120 pesos) and SPARE RIBS RICE (170 pesos).

Z-9-pork dumplingsPork Dumpling with Shrimp

PRAWN DUMPLING (4 pcs. for 160 pesos) and PORK DUMPLING WITH SHRIMP (4 pcs. for 150 pesos) were served hot, steamed in a bamboo basket, and were tasty with the dips.

Tim-Ho-Wan-Beef-Brisket-Beef-Tendon-Noodles                  Beef Brisket Noodles                                              Beef Tendon Noodles

We also ordered two kinds of noodles: BEEF BRISKET NOODLES and BEEF TENDON NOODLES (190 pesos each). The flavorful broth for each order was served hot in a bowl, separate from the plate with the noodles, vegetable and beef item/s with a generous amount of viscous sauce, decorated with spring onions. Both noodle dishes were good. The beef brisket and even the tendons were tender. However, my husband wanted more tendons LOL!

Tim Ho Wan does not offer alcoholic beverages but you can order: iced tea, hot or cold barley water, sodas in cans, or jasmine and oolong teas. I recommend you to order tea (60 pesos per pot), sipped in between bites of the various dim sum you will order.

Service was a bit slow due to the volume of customers but we were told about the waiting time and when the dishes were finally served, they were really hot so it was worth the wait while we gazed outside at the water-and-light-show and talked endlessly.

Call 02-7764549 for table booking to be sure you will be seated due to the popularity of this restaurant. Bring cash for payment. Prices quoted were as of December 2017, VAT inclusive and subject to 10% service charge. So, budget-conscious SCs, better check prices before visiting or ordering for your 2018 (and beyond) visit/s, just in case they will be changed.

This outlet is open from 11 am till 3 am daily. Yes, my dear SCs, you read it right! This Tim Ho Wan branch is open till early morning. So, when you get hungry and crave for a quick Chinese meal, you can walk to this outlet after your last featured movie in Uptown Mall, or if you are at home, cannot sleep and it is midnight/early morning, you can drive to the said mall to pamper yourself to a dim sum noodle treat.

Aside from Uptown Mall, Tim Ho Wan has 5 other outlets in Metro Manila: Makati (Glorietta 3), Mandaluyong (SM Megamall), Manila (Robinsons Place Manila – Ermita), Pasay (SM Mall of Asia), and Quezon City (SM City North EDSA). Type Tim Ho Wan, Metro Manila in www.zomato.com, choose the outlet, check out their operating hours, and click on the menu to view the selection with corresponding prices.

Tim Ho Wan is definitely the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the Metro! No wonder it is very popular! Oh, SCs, do not forget to give your SC cards when you ask for the bill, ok?

Our tummies were finally “happy”. Looking back, we only tried one of their “Big 4 Heavenly Kings”: the Baked Bun with BBQ Pork. So, for our next visit, we will try the 3 other “heavenly” items (Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork & Shrimp, Pan Fried Radish Cake, and Steamed Egg Cake) as well as their congee, dessert, vegetable, and other rice, soup, stir-fried, steamed, and vermicelli dishes. Definitely, these are reserved for another cheat day! LOL

Did you find this post informative? Have you also experienced dining in Tim Ho Wan Uptown Mall or in any of its other branches? How do they compare with their Hong Kong counterparts, especially the one-star Michelin rated Baked Bun with BBQ Pork? I would like to hear from you. Simply scroll to the upper right part of this post and click “Leave a comment”. Also click “Follow” at the bottom-right corner of your gadget. Thank you!

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